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#288 – The Three Pillars of Chinese Catholicism

The Three Pillars of Chinese Catholicism – Xǔ Guāngqǐ, Lǐ Zhīzǎo, and Yáng Tíngyún worked with Jesuit missionaries such as Fr. Matteo Ricci, SJ to bring the knowledge of Western science and Catholic faith into China. However, for these Three Pillars, adoption of Christianity was not seen as something new – rather it was seen […]

#226 – Where Peace Reigns

Maria Gaetana Agnesi was one of the brightest mathematicians of the 18th century who just as she had been given a position at the Bologna Academy of Sciences gave it all up to serve the poor. Also in this episode a few words on Kyriopascha and Palmbuschen. Links: Massimo Mazzotti has written a recent book […]

#218 – The Gregorian Calendar

Most of the world marks its time according the calendar instituted by Pope Gregory XIII but calendar reform is a tricky business. Links: Papal Bull “Inter Gravisimus” on the implementation of the Gregorian Calendar “Hesitant steps: acceptance of the Gregorian calendar in eighteenth-century Geneva” Dates various countries adopted the Gregorian calendar Website for Our Lady […]

#206 – Seeking Truth

When Fr. Georges Lemaître theory that would come to be known as The Big Bang, profoundly affected the worlds of theology and science. Indeed, it continues to do so today as humanity continues to search for truth. Links: Isaac Asimov’s “The Last Question” Paul’s Men Podcast SQPN website and SQPN Connect Community Follow me on […]


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